Whether you are a startup, growing or a SME. We offer a customized business support approach for your business.

Through clear reporting, we are able to provide sustained monitoring and evaluation of all programmes and projects that we manage for clients. This function is a key part of the all our management and support services contracts so that we have effective measurable targets to report on to each client and or fund investor and the fund impact on recipients.

Annual Reporting
Knowledge sharing workshops with both funders & implementing
Fund investor & recipient feedback surveys & polls
Ongoing evaluation of projects, programme & funding strategies

Enterprise Support provides corporate and funders with workshops on topics, insights, trends around legislation governing the enterprise development and procurement, support systems, governance and management structures, risk management, design and communicate the enterprise and supplier development programme.

Enterprise Support believes effective and authentic communication about each programme is vital, not only to advance the corporate brand but also that of the SMMEs associated with the programme.

We work with clients’ existing communications teams and their external communication agencies with message design, to deliver a message that is aligned to all existing marketing and branding collateral.

Enterprise Support manages all client funds for enterprise development purposes separately from that of the company. These funds are held in individual trusts, with separate bank accounts.

All funds and trusts are audited by SizweNtsulubaGobodo, and comply with International Financial Reporting Standards. Each client has either a 18A trust, entitling investors to deduct contributions from taxable income, and a non-Section 18A trust or Section 12J fund that allows investors to deduct 100% of the investment amount from their taxable income in the year their investment was made.

We have strict financial controls in place for all funding relationships, requiring detailed and appropriate reporting from funded and or programme supported recipients from the initial application of the prospective recipient until the end of the programme.

All complex legal and tax issues can also be managed on behalf of clients, as and when required.

Branding, Marketing and Design
Broadcasting and New Media
Construction and Hardware
Entertainment & Music

Retail & Consumer Goods
Social Impact
Telecoms, ICT and Electronics
Travel & Tourism

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