We work with many companies aimed at growing or starting your SME.


Capacity development

Our capacity building initiatives are geared solely towards working with civil sector, non-governmental, governmental and private sector organisations for the sustainable development of digital and physical infrastructure support. This SME infrastructure support coupled with sustainable financial support models, enables ESA to achieve the goal of developing entrepreneurial support ecosystems.

Our Method

Entrepreneurship Development Organisations (EDOs): we partner and work through EDOs to support individuals and businesses on the ground.

SMEs: Working with the EDOs we source and secure partners to provide mentorship, market access, access to finance and business.

Financial Sustainability

Key to driving these initiatives to support Entrepreneurship is ensuring financial sustainability of all our Entrepreneurship Development Organisational partners and ESA. We assist the these EDO partners to develop financial sustainable models to support their programmes and initiatives.

Our Method

Commercial initiatives: develop a set of programmes and initiatives that are commercial and drive revenue to the EDOs and ESA as an organisation.

Partnership and co-funding: Secure funding partner specifically aligned to the delivery of the EDOs and our programmes.

Sound financial management: implement and ensure sound financial management practices support with robust financial system support.

Socio-economic Development

Social-economic development is at the heart of what ESA does and its existence. We seek to support entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social-economic change by supporting our EDO partners and creating sustainable support and enabling mechanisms and infrastructure to support SMEs.

Our Method

Entrepreneurship Development Organisations (EDOs): build, capacitate and support our EDO partners and their programmes

Infrastructure: develop the key infrastructure support required to enable SMEs and our EDOs to thrive.

Linkages: create an enabling environment through stakeholders dialogues, engagement and lobbying

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