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The Hook Up Dinner

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Address: 138 West Street, Sandton, South Africa

A networking community of entrepreneurs with ideas to change the world by engaging and contributing to each other’s success. It consists of networking, pitching sessions, dynamic talks; marketplace opportunities to access networks in the various countries through live-streaming and use of digital tools. We are currently active in 13 cities; 6 countries with a network of over 89 000 entrepreneurs and growing! We are obsessed with building a solid African footprint representative of the rising youth voice in the SADC, East, Central & West African markets in line with the existing free African trade blocs.

Our aim is to have an active, vibrant, well-networked and economically active tribe of 1 million startup businesses across the African continent by 2020.

We believe in and are guided by these core values: Connect. Engage & Contribute.

Beyond The Lemonade Stand

Email: [email protected]


Address: Impact Hub Johannesburg, 4 De Beer St (cnr Smit St), Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

To develop a generation that believes they are capable of achieving their dreams, and not just believes, but acts on it too.

We believe in an Africa with economically active youth.

We support families raise kids that think, act, create and are resilient like entrepreneurs.

We are a digital learning platform providing content and activities to families looking to raise kids with the relevant know how to enjoy financial security as adults.

mySME Tools

Email: [email protected]


Number: +27 (0) 11 795 1294

A leading Business Management Platform for SMEs

The first platform under the mySME brand, mySMETools, is a leading business management platform for Small and Medium Enterprises, Start-ups and Business Owners currently on, who are located across 8 countries in Africa (as of April 30, 2018). also offers its registered users access to procurement opportunities, new market opportunities, business resources and tools to better run and manage a business.

eKasi Entrepreneurs

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Phone: +27 (0) 79 439 5266

eKasi Entrepreneurs aim to be the center where Township Entrepreneurs find solutions for their businesses.

Where corporate and government departments find a platform of communicating, assisting and developing township entrepreneurs in a structural manner from grassroots to acceleration.

Be a catalyst of youth township entrepreneurs– To create more businesses, solve challenges in the township and employ more youth to alleviate unemployment and poverty.

Be an advocacy institution that engage with corporate and government departments on the needs of Township Entrepreneurs.

Create innovate projects and platforms that give township entrepreneurs access to information, mentorship, funding, Training and development etc for them to run their businesses effectively.

The People

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Phone: +277110261474

The People’s Fund is a crowd funding platform for small black owned businesses with a certain edge. They’re the one in a million. The 1%. Our primary objective is to use the buying power of the masses to build the economy one business at a time.

A determined collaboration between Brownsense, The HookUp Dinner & Paybook; The People’s Fund is a platform that allows people who want to play a key role in the economy to have a measurable impact.

The MakerSpace


theMakerSpace is about lowering the barriers of entry for people to express their creativity in a physical way. It is about people getting together, working creatively, inspiring each other, engaging with new technology, and building a “bottom-up economy”.

The fact is that the Maker Movement is happening. Technology has evolved to the point where someone can, in their local maker space, create many items of better quality and more meaningfully than mass production has previously been able to deliver. And everyday more people are joining the movement as they realize the creative potential within themselves. International commentators are going as far as to call it “the new industrial revolution” (read Chris Anderson).

MAKERs make things, using both cutting edge technology and age old methods, or often a combination of both. Makers find value in making something by hand, giving a physical product more value because of the thoughtful, careful and useful way it is designed and made. Makers are not aiming for mass market for their product, they are simply expressing something they love, and in the process creating something worthwhile for the niche that they represent. Makers Openly share resources, expertise, equipment and encouragement because they choose to believe that we can do more together than we can apart.


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Phone: +

EntBanc was created to assist entrepreneurs, enterprises, employees and organisations to realise their business, financial and personal dreams. Entbanc’s slogan – “Making Business Easier” – refers to our singular goal of making it easier for business at every step of your life, in everyway. Our community and personal approach to business and financial services, ensures that all clients are enabled to make the best decisions for their business and financial goals.

To assist every Entrepreneur, SME and employee to achieve their business and financial dreams.

To provide all the necessary tools, information and advice for SME growth.

We provide a variety of business tools, platforms to help all types of businesses (start-up and existing) to succeed. Our easy-to-integrate cloud-based business management platform assists to provide every business with tools, products and services ranging from market access, financial services, advice and business data, to help each business find customers, save money and help organizations be more effective and efficient.

IDF Capital

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Phone: +27 11 772 7900

IDF Capital is an associate of Identity Partners, an investments holding company established and owned by black women. IDF Capital was established on 01 March 2008, to exploit the opportunity of profitably investing in the entrepreneurial SME landscape by providing appropriate financial and non-financial products and support to unlock value of the SME sector.

IDF Capital aspires to be more than just another African business. It is our goal to become catalysts of economic growth across Africa by supporting people on their entrepreneurial journey. Our bespoke service offering gives entrepreneurs the boost they need to grow operationally, and become financially independent through leveraging our experience and knowledge of the African market. We are driven to provide continued sustainability of African businesses through capital and intelligent support. We believe in the power of small businesses to facilitate trade and create jobs.

Secha Capital

Email: [email protected]


Address: 71 4th Street, Houghton, Johannesburg, 2193

The right way to invest in African impact.

We provide patient capital to established African SMEs in the “missing middle”; address the management gap by joining the management team; reach full potential via our accelerator toolkit.

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