All organisations are different in culture, brand and product or services, with its own set of unique needs and challenges. We will work within your budget, timeframe and objectives by leveraging of our range of partnerships, tools, methodologies, and our experienced team to understand your ultimate goals and help design, develop and implement a customised solutions that delivers a tangible return on investment.

We will design and develop a roadmap that looks at the current state but more importantly the future state of things in your sector and then implement that roadmap. The result is a programme that uniquely aligned towards profitability, enhanced internal capacity and a better customer experience. ​​


  Conceptualisation of enterprise and supplier development programme strategy and policy;
   Marketing and communication of the programme to potential SMME applicants and recipients;
   Measurement of the impact and the success of the programme; and
   In-depth, quarterly reporting on the programme’ results.

These services are conducted through a consulting management SLA with the organisation.

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